How far should you be away from target?

How to use a scope?

What not to do?

Where to do it?

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start at 25 yards shoot 3 shots then adjust angle of attack. left right up or done tell centered.
if your shooting to far left move your sight right or vise versa same for up and down.then move to 100 or which ever range you want your scope set to. If you set it to 100 all rounds before 100 will be high and after 100 will be low.
make sure you have a sable base when sighting in like a sandbag that will not move.
can do it at a gun range would be the safest place or like every other Newfoundlander at a gravel pit or medow.Knew in mind that a bullet can trave 2.5 miles before it hits ground so shooting into the side of a hill or gravel bank will let u control the round alot more.

I see alot of guy shoot in pits with a rock face as a backstop for the round,  Keep in the back of you mind ricocettes, are dangerous/deadly,  search youtube and you'll see why. 

Also search your markmanship principles, for a guide on how to be consistant shooter. 

Sand bags and gun vices work great,

If you dont have a vice and are going to a pit/field use the distances stated here alway fires  2/3rounds before each adjustment for comfirmation. Dont try and sight in your gun in the standing position, find a good spot to laydown (prone position) offset your body to about a 30 degree angle to the rifle/rounds paths of flight.  ie. dont lie straight behind the rifle.

Also move your body so that as your taking aim and breathing normal, the muzzle action is causing the main point of aim to pass though your target point.  hold you breath during exhail, aim, sqeeze with your finger tip dont pull. 

all great points Scott

I always take my 22 and fire a couple of dozen rounds thru it before i start my sighting or just shooting targets.

I find it take that many rounds to get me focused on getting a steady rest,correct breathing, proper squeeze.

Take time to get prepared to go shooting. make sure you have solid targets ( not blowing around of shaking on an alder limb.( How often have I heard yes b'y she shoots pretty good I hit a 5 gallon bucket at 50 yds)Big pieces of cardboard are always around and the bigger the better , you need to see where your bullets are hitting.

And dont leave any litter when you leave.

And solid rests, you dont have to spend much here, an old pair of socks or a stocking hat will work. But have it all ready before you get to whereever your sighting in. And as Scott said always use proper safety guidelines.


" Aim small ...miss small" Mel Gibson.. The Patriot

keep them comming.
I sight mine in at 25 yrds and that puts her dead on at 200yrds and little over a inch high at 100yrds with the 22-250. I sight my rifle in at the gravel pit lots of good back stops lol

I do the same as kurtis......


look at me give out this info and never shot a gun bys oh bys and yet i am right

Bore sight gun, set up target at 25 yds with a 1 inch dot ( i like red).Nice big piece of cardboard) Set rifle up rock steady with crosshairs on dot.( I assume we are sighting in a scoped rifle).Fire a shot.( i assume you hit the paper) reset rifle with crosshairs on the 1 inch dot. Adjust scope to the exact spot where the bullet hit( bullet hole) the paper on first shot.Dont let gun move a vise works well here. Move your paper to 100 yds.Plug first hole. Set up gun rock steady again.Aim at dot.Fire a shot. You should be on the paper. Steady your gun with scope aiming at dot. adjust scope to where the second bullet impacted.Again dont let the gun move.


You have now sighted your gun in for 100 yds and fired two bullets. Depending on caliber and what you want you can work yourself out further. Personally I sight mine deadon at 200 yds. It takes three bullets.

I use the same method as Fred. Sure fire dead on!

Hi just got my 22-250 sighted in to shoot 1-1 1/2" group at 200yds.

shot at 50yd target to get true allignment then shot at 100yd to get projected trajectory and finally at 200yds to get final target sight, it took about 50rounds to do this and a whole morning so take your time and enjoy it.

50 Rounds, that alot of rounds.
if you are going to shoot that many rounds to sight in, you should be cleaning as you go and you should not heat up the gun too much. All of this creates variances and the word variance and accuracy dont go together very well.


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