Hey folks, I drove down through makinsons Today and noticed the sign there for the rifle Range so I went up the road for a look. The gates were open but nobody around and no sign of recent vehicle tracks. Is this a range that people can use? It's the only long distance range I've heard of in NL. Google says its a 600yd range. Just wondering if anyone knew anything about it.

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It is my understanding that this range belongs to Federal Government ( Dept of National Defence) and is not open for public use. 

Its locally known as Pussy Hill.....

I know we trained there in 1984 with the Canadian Armed Forces, but it had locks back then . I believe its only a 500 yard range as well. I would love nothing better to be able to use my 338 lupua there for a few days , if you find out anything let me know as well.

Reasons for a Federal Assessment

On July 15, 2005, it was determined that an environmental assessment was required in relation to the project because National Defence was the proponent for the project.

Project Description (as posted in the Notice of Commencement)

The Cambrai Rifle Range property at Canadian Forces Station (CFS), St. John's, NL is a 600-m outdoor military small arms range. The site is located approximately 80 km west of the city of St. John's, near the community of Markinsons, NL. The property is predominantly covered with blueberry bushes, and shrubs and slopes gently to the southwest. The surrounding topography consists of swampy areas, bogs, and some ponds. Surface drainage at the site flows along a drainage swale that flows to the southern boundary of the property to a man-made sedimentation pond as well as along several drainage swales that lead to Jack Reid's Pond, located to the west of the 200-500 yard markers. The firing range is partially closed as a result of recent uncertainty regarding the boundaries for the Danger Zone. A legal survey is presently being conducted by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) to determine the boundaries and associated property lines of the Range. DND is not legally required to enclose the entire Range with fencing, however some fencing currently exists at the property. Brush clearing will take place immediately after the legal survey is complete to ensure a line of sight (1-3 m on either side of the fence line) for security purposes around the perimeter of the range and to allow maintenance of the existing fencing and installation of additional fencing. Cow-fencing (minimal fencing approximately 1-2 m high, consisting of only posts and wire) will be installed in areas of the range deemed necessary for security reasons and that are not presently fenced or contain natural barriers such as rock escarpments and/or wetland areas. Although the final amount of fence required will not be determined until the legal survey is complete, 3,500 m of fencing has been estimated. Where fencing is installed, signage will be posted to warn people of the dangers associated with the Rifle Range. Project schedule: The brush clearing and fence installation/repair work is expected to take place during Summer 2005. Project location: The Cambrai Rifle Range at the Canadian Forces Station (CFS), St. John's, NL is located approximately 80 kilometres west of the city of St. John's, near the community of Markinsons.

Final Decision

The environmental assessment was terminated on July 17, 2006 because the proponent had withdrawn the project.

im wondering having a CF-1 card being a veteran can i use this range now , i hear its been fixed ? is there an email or phone number i can contact ?


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