Hello members. I am looking for coyote sightings and with the help of Ed and others I will try to put together a map of where the coyotes might be based on these sightings.  We need time, and location of sighting.  With this info we should be able to put together a comprehensive map that may help coyote hunters.  I know from experience that locating coyotes on the avalon is difficult.  I would love to be able to click on a link that will tell me where coyotes have been seen recently. This would help me as I would know where there is a good chance to get one. We all know that coyotes never stay in one place for long, but with help from everyone, and the wildlife division, I think this would be an excellent hunting aid and we may even see a pattern in their sightings.


Here would be an example


location: on TCH heading west (near Witless Bay Line turnoff)

time and date:  10:30 pm Oct. 12/10 


Thanks in advance for all info and your cooperation.


Tony Cooney

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Long Harbour, Placentia Bay 3 weeks ago 8:00 am in the morning.
Hey Tony you will need a tree stand to get the right shot.
haha tree stand mmmm will check into it
If you set up a tree stand I am coming to see it!! lol

Fred: you're correct, and I don't think (by looking at those satellite pics) that either of those 2 bogs are a kilometer from the college. However, the small bog around the stream running into the south end of Goose Pond looks like it might be far enough away. If he can be lured there, he could be taken safely.

Was walking the poleline that goes from the highway (closest to foxtrap access) that goes down to fowlers road this morning with my dog looking for some grouse and took along my foxpro howler and managed to get a few responses from 2 seperate coyotes. I stayed there a while but my dog got restless so i continued on.

What calls did you make with your fox pro.I have the spitfire,i only used it a couple of times out near soldiers pond but it was windy. I think you need a calm morn or evening.

Oh, here's another one: my cousin recently saw a coyote being chased across Thorburn Rd (not far from Bennett's Rd) by a large domestic dog. Seems that one had plenty of fear.

Saturday December 11, about 2:00pm on the TCH side of Mill Road off of the Avondale highway: I was walking off of the trail looking for a rabbit that I thought I heard and came upon some dog like footprints and a hole in the snow where the animal peed and some fur and blood on the snow.. I think I may have came upon a coyote and scared him away possibly, unless it was a dog that was eating something furry!! It ran very fast through the alders, so I didn't see it. But I sure smelled it, and it was terrible!

Hey anymore coyotes sightings let kept it coming members  trying to have a place so we can see were they have been when and were so we can being to hunt these place so pls kept it coming and thank you and to all merry xmas to you and yours


By lawerenctin( by lewisporte central nfld) 5 or 6 came on the road this fall in the ninght. dont know the exact date
Yesterday morning at 9:00AM January 6th, 2011 a coyote was seen on Brookfield Road across from the Old  Mill, he was still hanging in the area two hours later when my friends took their 4 dogs for a walk this coyote was in no rush to go anywhere even after it saw the dogs. 


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