Hello members. I am looking for coyote sightings and with the help of Ed and others I will try to put together a map of where the coyotes might be based on these sightings.  We need time, and location of sighting.  With this info we should be able to put together a comprehensive map that may help coyote hunters.  I know from experience that locating coyotes on the avalon is difficult.  I would love to be able to click on a link that will tell me where coyotes have been seen recently. This would help me as I would know where there is a good chance to get one. We all know that coyotes never stay in one place for long, but with help from everyone, and the wildlife division, I think this would be an excellent hunting aid and we may even see a pattern in their sightings.


Here would be an example


location: on TCH heading west (near Witless Bay Line turnoff)

time and date:  10:30 pm Oct. 12/10 


Thanks in advance for all info and your cooperation.


Tony Cooney

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Has anyone taken a coyotes this year  tell us about it ie. what gun you used and how did you get him calling baiting etc
My brother has snared 2 out on the north east coast. One female that weighed 50lbs and a male that weighed 44lbs.
Hey Cory wow  that sound big for a female  have next time see if you can get some pic or even vid
Will do tony..i think he got some pics of them hanging in his shed..Since this he has caught another male as well.This male was not big as the others,the other 2 were white right over with fat but this male seemed to be poor.
tracks first small feild on the left going in burnt hills next to the y semi fresh tracks seen today january 1st 2011
Hey all dont for get to send me when and were you seen a coyote
Heard one howling up behind my house in Holyrood 2 nights ago, fresh tracks the next morning in the treeline beyond my backyard.
2 while on the trail-way  between port blanford  and   terra nova just before the sign that says glovertown turn right thursday jan 27 12 pm and not afraid of skiddoos either lots of poop along the trail as well
hey thank to all who send in there coyotes sightings pls kept it coming I am trying to get a map so i can put up all the sightings so that it can help us when we are going coyote hunting just chick on the map and you can see were and what times they were seen

I heard a rumor that there was a couple around Backside Pond Park (Green Hr. / Whiteway Trinity Bay)… can anyone confirm this?

yes they are
B'ys can hear them howling in Brigus Juction.


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