Hello members. I am looking for coyote sightings and with the help of Ed and others I will try to put together a map of where the coyotes might be based on these sightings.  We need time, and location of sighting.  With this info we should be able to put together a comprehensive map that may help coyote hunters.  I know from experience that locating coyotes on the avalon is difficult.  I would love to be able to click on a link that will tell me where coyotes have been seen recently. This would help me as I would know where there is a good chance to get one. We all know that coyotes never stay in one place for long, but with help from everyone, and the wildlife division, I think this would be an excellent hunting aid and we may even see a pattern in their sightings.


Here would be an example


location: on TCH heading west (near Witless Bay Line turnoff)

time and date:  10:30 pm Oct. 12/10 


Thanks in advance for all info and your cooperation.


Tony Cooney

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thank bud we were in there yesterday may 26 and kennth griff shot at one and miss we think it was about 300 + yrd

and thank for answering the question about how many guns you can  have on you hunting coyotes 

No problem, I wish I could get in for a coyote hunt. Pete picked up a 223 & Ed and myself bought a Foxpro Spitfire. My dang leg, I can't go anywhere and it is really starting to get to me.

Keep at it Tony, you and Ken are going to get one very soon. Good Luck with it. Looking forward to seeing the picture of your yote.

let plan a trip with all hand i can take all hands in my truck and i can take you were it is easy going

and you know what they do to dog with a bad leg lol heheeee

I'd love to Tony, but I can hardly walk at all and I use a cane now, at least untill this _______ leg gets better. I was thinking of trying in around the Goulds or Northern Pond Rd.

  6 weeks now and I still got a job to get around, very frustrating, got me drove.

About 7:30 AM on June 22nd - saw a lone coyote cross the TCH in front of me, near Soldier's Pond. Narrowly missed a collision.


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