During the last budget  the justice system got cut and several people were released from their jobs putting a strain on the local administration of justice.  Education got cut, medical care got cut as did many social service organizations.  All of them protested the cuts and some got money back to help them sustain their organizations.  

As a hunter one of my biggest concerns is the cuts to the number of conservation officers out there now. (Very few)   From what I hear there are some pockets around the island who are celebrating the cuts sighting the loss of enforcement as a good thing.  Poaching will be much easier than ever before. 

Are there any organizations that we know of who are organized and protesting this action.  If we don't it will only be a few short years before we cannot find game to hunt anymore.  Reckless disregard for conservation and selfish pursuit of hunting will invariably bring an end to an activity we all love. 

And please don't come up with the argument that it is my God given right to hunt what ever I want.  Or that your Grandfather hunted caribou all his life and so should I.  etc.    Times have changed and preservation is paramount. 

I have not come across any organization yet willing to take this on.  A petition or unified protest would be in order.

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This forum was up a few weeks ago and there were a few posts and some interesting points made I have not seen any actual numbers of field officers laid off. Do anyone know

I read a post on here somewhere than said there were 18 positions cut. But It said that it was more admin and licenses, I havent seen where any enforcement officers were cut. Not saying there weren't I just haven't seen it

I heard there were only 2 officers on the Avalon alone, one of them a supervisor.   NL has gone from 40 Conservation officers in Newfoundland and Labrador to only 22.  Not very many.  In 1996 there was a blending of forestry and wildlife which gave us 150 officers. 

  The newly formed " FEDERATION OF HUNTERS AND ANGLERS INC." Are willing to take these and many other matters on , as has been stated , in many places on this site . I  personally sent a message to all members on this site , whose page was open . At present I have 35 members in my membership ledger who have taken the time to fill out a membership form and pay the appropriate fee, which is  $5.00 per adult  $2.50 for a junior membership  { 14 years and under} and $10.00 for a family membership . All these members with the exception of one were gathered through members of the executive board , including myself, who called friends and went to their homes and got them to sign up. To my knowledge only one membership application with the fee inclosed came from the Totally Outdoors NL site .I am hoping there are many more on their way in the mail. In any case I sent out these  notices so that every member would be informed and that no one could say  " I didn't know ". We have certainly made the effort and  " again " I must stress we need  "PAID MEMBERS" . It is membership that gives us strength . without YOU we are only a voice talking to the wind.  Time to ????  or get off the pot. Please excuse the language.


PS. At bottom left home page click on Newfoundland Federation Of Hunters and Anglers then click on  2013

membership application form print it off and fill it in and send it to the address at the bottom , with the fee and we're in business

Albert:   I just want to know what the FHA (or is it NFHA?) stand is on this issue and if they have done anything yet.  You don't need more members to voice a concern.  When people see what kind of things you are saying and what your philosophical foundation is in action you will see members sign up.  I am counting on an informed opinion that will help me to understand how I would position myself on this as well. 

I am still watching to see how the organization plans to operate.?

What is the process to come to a consensus view on the issues for example.

While I understand the mission statement, I am watching to see exactly what the position will be on the issues particularly on the issues of conservation. 

Once that becomes clear ill make my decision.

Exactly Fred.  Thanks.

First and foremost I must state that the Newfoundland Federation of hunters and Anglers is very concerned with the cuts to both the Department of Environment & Conservation & Inland Fish & Wildlife. As many cuts were necessary, we feel that Enforcement is not a place where cuts should be made. Even prior to the cuts there were less officers then what was needed to make a true difference. We have already requested meetings with the Ministers and are waiting their reply.

The process to come to a consensus is simple. We will hold an annual general meetings, as with many organizations do, however we have a slight difference. Each member will have a chance to voice their concerns. A vote will ensure what issues are of the utmost importance to our members. These issues will be place in order of action: Long term, Short term, etc. The board and subcommittees will take these issues and work diligently to ensure the items dictated by the majority are brought to government.

AS for conservation issues (there are many) our position again simple. Conservation of Species comes before all else. We have a responsibility to our children and grandchildren to ensure that our way of live with be viable long into the future. There are those that hang in the wings right now wondering what position we will take before you join. However, it is you that we need the most. For if you have insight, knowledge or ideas that would help this organization meet or exceed our mandate, then we request that you aid us. Right now we have a great opportunity to create a Single unified voice that speaks on behalf of all outdoor users. Something this province has lacked! If we do not stand as one then we have no hope of accomplishing anything. Too long have various groups been fragmented and infighting, allowed government to dismiss or even outright ignore us. We are trying to stop this! AS outdoor users, we aid the Economy of this province! Likewise, we aid in the management of its species. Until now, we have had no single body willing to go forward to fight for our rights! Now we do!

We Need your support! We need your expertise! We Need You!


Hope this answers your questions,


time for talk is over, now we have a time for action! If this group was not needed we would never have wasted our time & money or your time advertising this. Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words. I personally have taken on many issues that members have voiced here. likewise, my colleagues are diligently working behind the scenes to put members words into action. Will you stand with us?

 One of the things the Federation is looking for is legislation enabling more people to utilize our natural resources . This would provide less opportunity for unscrupulous behaviour . In wake of the cuts we have been seeing recently the onus may fall on us to police ourselves . In economic hard times solutions such as this may need to be found in order to keep our outdoor heritage alive and healthy for generations to come.

Thanks for the response.If I might make one suggestion, I think along with your meeting you might consider sending out a check off or "Blue Book" type sheet with the membership. Not everyone will be able to attend a meeting and most will not voice their opinion once there.

As I have said before I have my concerns as to the driving principles of the organization. And whether or not its really prepared to deal with issues of conservation. Things like reduced seasons, smaller bag limits, fewer tags,etc. 

These are the issues that will determine the reception you will get as far as membership and Government response.

I dont buy into the "stand up for our rights argument" and I am not sure it will stand up to the acid test.

As Hunters and Fishers we are but one user of the natural resources of this province. Increasingly we are becoming a minority user.We have an awful image problem, and rightly so. We have worked hard to earn it.

Hunting and Fishing is an activity we take part in.( It is not a right) IF it is Hunters and Fishers goal to approach Government with a " Gimme" plan of more seasons, more access using more different weapons.So we can take more game. Then I fear it will be a LONG up hill slug.

And I am not sure its one I want to put my shoulder to. 

I have no problem supporting a Hunter Fisher Organization. I agree its long overdue.And if you dont pay a membership fee it holds no water. $5 is not enough.But you have to begin some where.

But unlike Gerry Rogers and her Facebook friends, I want to know what it is I am joining.

But I wish you guys the best of luck , and commend you for the work you have done.

Again... right on Fred.  Exactly what I am thinking as well. 


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