Greed, and lack of respect is a big problem in Newfoundland

Hi friends, just finished looking through several pictures thats entered in the contest page,I don't understand some peoples thoughts of a good picture.What is so breath taking about 4 or 5 dozen trout guted and heads cut off, or a picture of a fish no bigger than the lure it was killed with,man lets have some respect and realize that theres little kids thats comming behind us wanting and dreaming of catching a BIG trout.Let me continue here, any picture with a dead animal and blood running out of it nose,or side, mouth?  Stop and again have some respect, make your pictures clean,don't rejoice over a dead bloody animal,yes remember it as a great hunt,but not make it look like something that has been draged down the road for a mile.

  Or 8 or 10 trout,all but one are 6 inchs long and the other is like 3 - 4 pounds. Have it ever come in our minds that if everyone was releasing the little ones,thats what would happen to them as well?Or do we use the excuse the little ones are the best eating ones?

   I can go on and on,guys lets stop and think about the excitement that we got in taking these great creatures, fish,birds its all alike.And give it the respect that it deserves. If i can change one person attitude I'll be happy.

  Enjoy and respect the great outdoors


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I know what you are saying, Pic's that non-hunters see that are all bloody and torn up, its what they portray a hunter as.

Just another killer or a hater of wildlife.

  kenneth , I haven't been able to find your picture " 40 turs " did you remove it


Yes i did!!!

As you can see in all my pic's that the turr was the only thing that was bloody. I try to have good taste for all my pic's and sorry for putting up a pic that was not right to see for a youth hunter or someone to betray me as someone who do not care about the hunting in newfoundland. As for trouting goes i have a 12" mark on my rod and don't keep anything that is smaller. I would like my son to go to the same places i went and get trout.


There is one thing i love , that's an early rize and the smell of gun powder...

Well we go 14 k back in the woods and why would you go that far just to get a 6-7" trout.LOL. I can get them anywhere.
I have to say something here, Albert, why is a 12 inch trout huge? Don't you think if everyone threw back what wasn't 12 inchs,they would eventually become 12 inchs?

My Uncle was 81 years old when he passed away. He suffered from COPD and his hip was rotten with arthritis. What you and me might call an easy walk, is not so easy for an old man that has much trouble breathing, and walks with a limp and a cane.

 Yet still he loved to go trouting. It was his biggest passion. The place he loved to go was, on the Burin Pen. A small place called Davis Cove. Every year durring the long weekend in May, we would venture out there. We had been going there for the past 30 years.

 In his earlier years  he could get around much better, than his later years. COPD is not nice at any age, I know.

 So the last 15 years or so, the only place he could travel to fish, was a couple of ponds on the side of the road.

 The trout there average between 5" - 9" long. Every year he wanted go to these couple of ponds and get a feed of fresh Mud Trout.

So he would keep his few trout, anything over the 7" mark.

 And no not every trout he caught over 7", but certainly a dozen or 2 over the long weekend.

 He did not have the resources that some of you have here. It's pretty easy to talk big when you have the best of gear and the resources to go where you want.

 It's not so easy for a humble man, that has many limitations, to go where the big trout hide.

 So all you big wigs, feel free to continue to brag and boast about how long and how many pounds your trophy fish was, and how hard it was to get there.

 Because the trout in this picture, even thought it may only be 6" ment more to him than your trophy do to you. (He did throw it back) It was also the last trout he ever caught.

Miss you Uncle Joe.


I never wrote what i wrote because of this picture Peter, as far as I'm concern what i see in this picture is an Elderly Man,doing what he loves to do,a tiny skinny trout isnt what this picture is dispalying.

     Peter, sorry to hear about your uncle, seems like he enjoyed trouting to the end. The pole he is using in the picture looks identical to the one I have been using for years ,since it became to hard to find a decent bamboo, these days

   I couldn' t believe I missed that picture so I looked through all 235 pages of photos last night and couldn' t find it , could you direct me to where it was originally posted.


This is the picture I posted at the beginning. This was our last May 24 weekend trip to the cabin, together. This was the last picture I took of my Uncle trouting in Davis Cove on that weekend. The other picture was taken in July of 2009. In May he had just had a major surgery and could not make the trip. In this picture he was 80 years old.

Not an attempt to justify the behavior, and I am sure over time it will change.( and it has to a degree) But its deep rooted in our history.Historically we were gathers of opportunity. Went we got a chance to load up on food we did. And thats not a long time ago. What we have yet to realize is the the demographics and our ways and means to gather has changed. ATVs, GPS,big outboardsetc . And the where will all to travel have all entered into the equation. As hunters and fishers we are slower to adjust but we will have to.

Up to know Hunters and fishers( to a smaller degree) have had little say in the sport we all love so much. Hopefully its thru effort like a  Hunters and Angler federation this can begin. And we develope a code of ethics and standard that will be acceptable.


You are correct, you don't want PETA on your case, we have already witnessed what they have done to the seal fishery.


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