Greed, and lack of respect is a big problem in Newfoundland

Hi friends, just finished looking through several pictures thats entered in the contest page,I don't understand some peoples thoughts of a good picture.What is so breath taking about 4 or 5 dozen trout guted and heads cut off, or a picture of a fish no bigger than the lure it was killed with,man lets have some respect and realize that theres little kids thats comming behind us wanting and dreaming of catching a BIG trout.Let me continue here, any picture with a dead animal and blood running out of it nose,or side, mouth?  Stop and again have some respect, make your pictures clean,don't rejoice over a dead bloody animal,yes remember it as a great hunt,but not make it look like something that has been draged down the road for a mile.

  Or 8 or 10 trout,all but one are 6 inchs long and the other is like 3 - 4 pounds. Have it ever come in our minds that if everyone was releasing the little ones,thats what would happen to them as well?Or do we use the excuse the little ones are the best eating ones?

   I can go on and on,guys lets stop and think about the excitement that we got in taking these great creatures, fish,birds its all alike.And give it the respect that it deserves. If i can change one person attitude I'll be happy.

  Enjoy and respect the great outdoors


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Next thing you know you woun't be able to post a video.!!  Where does it all end.
Thanks Francis, any more since we last spoke?
Away working wishing I was home.LOLsoon to be though
The Hunting and Trapping Guide for 2011/2012 is finally out and I would suggest that all members turn to page 56 of the guide, under the heading " HUNTING CODE OF CONDUCT" and pay particular attention to rules# 3, 8,and 14.These rules of conduct are being completely ignored by many on this site, and I believe it is a serious matter that needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later.

Albert is there anywhere on,ine I can view this? I'm away working,so be nice to read.Thanks
What do you mean members on this site. How can you tell by a pic???????????????????????????????????????????????????
Deon, try this site scroll down to hunting and hunting and trapping guide.I couldn't get it to download for some reason but when I tried "view html I got last years guide, however the hunting code of conduct is the same and is listed on page 57. Maybe you can can get this site to work better since everyone knows more about a computer than I do. I think this  code might be useful to us in forming our own code.What do you think?

Its a well written code, to bad everyone didn't respect it.

1. Familiarize yourself with provincial and federal

regulations that apply to hunting and firearms.

Always practice safe gun handling.

2. Shoot only at proper targets. Never shoot at

private property such as insulators, electrical

equipment or power lines, which can result in

power outages, personal injury, or even death

to yourself or others.

3. Avoid creating a negative image of hunters and

firearm users.

4. Access private property only with the landowner’s


5. Respect other outdoor users in areas you may be

hunting, i.e. other hunters, hikers, berry-pickers,

cabin owners, etc.

6. Cooperate with resource management agencies by

completing licence returns and participating in

other surveys when requested.

7. Report illegal activity to your nearest Conservation


8. Practice good stewardship by encouraging others

to become ethical hunters and to care for the

countryside in which they hunt.

9. Only harvest the amount of game that you can


10. Ensure that all garbage is taken out of the

country for proper disposal, including empty

cartridges and shells.

11. Practice your shooting before heading into the

field. Ensure that your rifle or bow is properly

sighted in, and pattern your shotgun for different

chokes and ammunition types. Know the effective

range of your firearm or bow.

12. Verify your target before you shoot. Shoot only

when you are confident of a quick, humane kill.

13. Ensure that every effort is made to retrieve

wounded game.

14. Ensure that animal remains are disposed of out

of sight of the traveling public.

15. Avoid hunting from roads.

16. Encourage others to take up the tradition of


17. Treat hunting dogs with respect.

18. Avoid sensitive areas when using all-terrain



this is a hunting and fishing site ,what do think youre gonna see ??????

There is a " HUGE" difference between taking a picture of a dead animal , and taking a picture of " DEATH ", and if a hunter does not know the difference between the two as he should , then I would strongly suggest leaving the camera at home or at the very least not posting pictures of  "death " on the internet. NL seal hunters are well aware that these images can , and will lead to the death of hunting.

Well said there Albert.


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