I think that we had a gun club closer to town the club would do good. Yes I know near the city is not good because of gun fire. But it would cut down on the cost of travel for sure. I think that a lot more people would use it. Check out other gun clubs in Canada and most club are in the city. Here in newfoundland fees at gun clubs are are $80-100, $20.00 in gas to get there pending on where you live and they are not open all the time and the amo to shoot. First trip would cost you around $200.00. ?If you would like to see one closer to town let me know.



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It would be nice to have one a little closer to the city. I'm not sure how the tree hugger city folk would react to a gun club closer to the city though.

I had heard that there was supposed to be one in the works, and it was an indoor firing range. id love to see one in town.

complete gunsmithing are opening up an indoor range

I heard today that Coastal outdoors is putting one behind there store got the footing down and ready to put up. Can't wait to get me a handgun.. Sweet

That would be great but would I be able to sight in my rifle at 100 yards and pattern my shot gun?

Not sure but I would hope so.

I would love to see one closer.  But $80 is as cheap as you are going to get in Canada.   The St. John's Rod and Gun club is open year round from sun up to sun down. 

It's not the $80.00 it's the drive and time and gas spent to get there. Should just be able to stay in the city.

I believe Coastal will be doing an archery and 50 yd in door range next to where they are now. For my part Id like to see a longer range. Great for the hand guns and bows,SJRG has a 200 yd now but Id love to see a 500 yd range. 

For my part living outside the city I am ok with SJRC and would be concerned that having two clubs would result in neither being able to properly fund itself.And of course for those of us who dont live in the city its a longer drive.

Given the liability issues,current urban sprawl and  Dannys plans for the Paddys Pond area.Cost of land anywhere near city, I don't see anyone getting approval much closer to the city than Foxtrap access and once you drive that far out you have to drive out to Holyrood to turn around anyway.In this day and age with Governments cutting spending any new facility will probably have to be totally financed by the membership.Thats going to cost a lot more than $80 a year a lot more.

Given the cost of recreation, a $80 membership fee and what comes with it. And $20 to get there, its pretty cheap compared to most other outdoor activities. Snowmobiling,? Salmon Fishing, Trouting, Camping, ATV ? Golf, etc etc.If you have to turn a key to go anywhere, your burning gas. $20 is not much.

Having said that EVERYONE who takes part in any fishing or shooting sport, ought to be a member of a Rod and Gun Club, it will always be a strong lobby to Government and the General public.Its cheap insurance to help protect our sport.

I think the reason behind the new range is to sell more gun, because you can shoot them on site.

What a great way to try out your new gun or to pattern it before you take it home. I don't think that it will have a big impact on the rod and gun club because they already have there members.

Yea, that would be true, a range at the gun store is not a club.  And I doubt they will build a facility that could sight in a rifle at 100 yards.  Too much building, politics and land to make it worth while. 

At 50 yds it would be principally for 22s and hand guns.

Checking the bore sighting of a newly installed scope,maybe

.I havent heard what the caliber limitation ( if any) might be.

Not a whole lot of use beyond that.

An inside range would be great for year round practice for archers.

Be interesting to see how much shotgun use that will be allowed. 


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