Do you think that it is right for other's to come to your town and hunt turr's in your bay?


Do you think that if you get a lic it should be in your area eg..(taged area 45,32,37)?


Do you think that if all boats go to one area will wipe out the turr's and leave none for the next year?


Did anyone know that turr's lay only one egg a year?



Please let me know what you think.


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Do you think that it is right for other's to come to your town and hunt turr's in your bay..

Personally, I have no problem with it, Some people have no access in their home town to Turrs.   I live on Twillingate Island, a area where there are no moose, so should I be allowed to go to someone elses area to hunt moose?

these are some good discussion topics ken i think that's ok for people to go to other towns to hunt turrs to an extent like for a day at the birds on the weekend not go to a town and leave your boat tied up there and go out every civil day of the season and I think that buying a lic taged for your area for turrs is a good fair way to solve a problem like people going to other bays to hunt turrs as for us in conception bay we dont have this problem this year cause there are no birds lol and i would say if all boats go to the one area to hunt turrs it will make a big diffrence in the number of birds for next year especially now knowing they only lay one egg a year thats my two cents worth excuse the spelling guys lol

Noone has claims to the Turrs even if they are  in a near bay. I know it can be frustrating with boats from "outside" taking our birds. This kind of thinking could apply to berrypicking, wood cutting, hunting etc.

I have my favorite hunting & fishing spots, Do I have claims on who can hunt or fish there? unfortunately not, lol.

Thats life as we know it.

Well i was in placentia bay this sat and i counted 35 boats and that my friend is alot of boats. We had 40 turrs, 3 guys that came in had 60 turrs another boat had 56 and another group of 4 had 80. Only one boat was from that area and that was us. That was 236 turr's taken in 4 boats. I think that the math is clear on how many turrs were taken on sat. We find in our home town as each year passes the turrs get less and less and you have to go further and further to get them. We burned $80.00 in gas and had fun doing it. Before we could go 15 min to get the bird's. I am not saying that people should stay in there own area BUT, i can see that if it keeps up we will be going to the place where the turr's are  and the other 34 boat's and clean up what is in your area. Hope you get my point. Give it time and we all will see a decline. Just my 2 cents

I hear ya Kenneth & understand completely. We had a great population of sea ducks, then guys would persue them constantly until they have pretty well dissappeared. The justice system can't seem to control them for some reason. When most hunting was done fron shore we usually got a few birds.

 Not many Turrs in ths area this winter so far. I guess they've been already cleaned up around here.

so what your saying is that 20 birds per person x 3 people per boat is too many.

I think we should all have the right to go to wherever its legal to hunt/fish. Nflders have done it for years.How many have been to Millertown for a moose, or rabbits. Northern Pen for a week salmon fishing for moose hunting.Indian Bay for trout. Many have cabins for such purposes! Are we saying that because I live in Trinity Bay, that because theres no caribou area I am not allowed to apply for a license.? No one on Avalon can hunt bears.? certainly not.

Example I have a cabin on Gambo Pond.My cabin is in moose area 42. 600 yds away ( other side of pond) is Black River.6 Miles up the Pond is Terra Nova Moose area.

So I can take my duck license and hunt in Ontario but cant use it anywhere in Newfoundland.

All our resources are common property resources they are owned by all Newfoundlanders and should be able to be accessed by everyone.

I think we need less lines not more.

No fred i am not saying that. But you did have a good point on the lic you have to get. When you get a lic for moose or salmon, you have to tag it for that area. I was just woundering what everyone though. You made a good point.  Thanks.

Ken you know this is the same issue as the moose and getting rid of them because of the accidents. What we have to realize is the demographics have changed and as Nflders our patterns are totally different. Just look ski doos. 20 years ago you wouldnt see a ski doo going west to save your life now every second machine on the road has a trailer. Turrs are the same. More people have boats now then they did 40 years ago. Not only do we have boats but we have 75 and 150 hp motors on them.


I agree with you , we have to be careful what we do, but the answer lies on reducing limits not restricting access.

Everytime we restrict access we place more pressue on the resourse. Just look at moose and cod. Limiting access only make people more determined to go.


I started hunting the Cape Shore and Placentia Bay many years ago( over 30) and theres less birds being killed there now then ever. They are just being spread amongst more people.

The year before they put quotas on turres I know guys ( placentia bay ) who killed over 1600 one week.

and gillnets in the spring often killed thousands a day. We need a better plan

this been going on for years and one time you could go out and load the boat if you wanted still thousands of turrs around i bet if the turr were in some other bay people be just going there.... to me this is just foolish for people to be complaining about this...

If i was complaining i would not of ask scott to come out with us. He is not from Placentia bay and i told him where to get the turr's. Just asking.LOL


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