According to the reports in the Telegram, Terra Nova and Gros Mourne are introducing a hunt or cull of moose within the boundaries of the parks. This intiative is being implemented due to the over population of moose in the parks. According to officials, moose are over browsing the parks and are changing the environment. The main species being affected by the moose is Balsam fir. Officials plan to consult residents and the general public prior to being the hunt/cull. Residents have indicated that whether officials choose a hunt or cull, the meat must not be wasted. Keep your eyes on this story, and try to voice your opinion when these meetings are held!

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I dont agree with it. Now having said that, im ignorant to how much dammage the moose are doing in Gros Morne. kill 80% of the animals there...its shameful!  Killing 4000 moose...its unspeakable.  i dont know how many they are going to cull in terra nova, but if its 80%...good luck seeing wildlife in the parks. 


the one thing i would agree with would be opening the areas to hunters and have a smaller quota.  Can u imagine 4000 hunters in grose morne...not safe.  now if they were to have 1000 either sex licenses then it would be a bit more sensible.  there are some huge moose in the area, and it would be a boost to the local economy.  1000 more happy hunters, and 1000 more so called nuisance moose ridded of.  make it a 4 year plan of 1000 licenses...see where it goes.  but to wipe out 4000 moose, what is it going to do for the game in surrounding areas?  what is it going to do for the gene pool thats thriving up there?  these moose dont all stay in the park, they roam into other areas as well. 

Well as for Terra Nova, I have a cabin less then 2km form the boundry on the back side of the park and IN the last 2 yrs I have not seen a animal and one guy who has a cabin next to me never fill his tags this year, that is less than 2 kms from the park.  And its not for lack of effort, he was up there almost every weekend since mid oct.


Food for thought 

 The stupid ideas that the goverment comes up with makes me sick.To go and cull 4000 moose is crazy.They say they are doing this because the moose are destroying balsim fir which is a bunch of bull.They are doing this to keep the people quiet that want our moose population wiped out because they are afraid to travel on the roads and by doing a cull they will save millions on cutting brush and putting fences up along our highways.In my opinion this should never be allowed to happen.I like moose hunting just as much as anyone, but if this happens it will be the beginning of the end for our moose population just like what happened to our caribou population in the interior.

 The caribou population in the red indian lake,star lake and long lake area are almost completely wiped out and nobody seems to care.Ive hunted these areas for years, and up til about 7 years ago you could see 25-50 caribou every day.This year i hunted long lake area this for 2 weeks and never saw 1.The govt. are supposedly studying the caribou to see what is happening, but what are they studying.The coyote population has exploded and the black bear pop is increrasing,by the time they get their study done there wont be any caribou left.Instead of waisting millions on studys,they should increase the bounty on coyotes to at least $50 so people can get out and help save our caribou and moose...

Sorry for getting of topic and talking about the caribou but i get so piised off when i hear the stupid ideas that our govt. comes up with, and i feel that if something isnt soon done, the caribou pop will be wiped out..............................

I have to agree that I think to cull 4000 (I  think it may be 5000) moose is CRAZY. After all these years of the public crying to do something with the moose because of people being killed on the highways and nothing done, then they eat a few trees and the government steps in, where are their priorities?

I think the answer to the moose accident problem is cutting back the sides of the highways/roadways at least 40-50 feet give drivers a chance to see them coming. Also if it is known that there are problem moose areas add 50-100 licences to these areas and post better/larger signs on the highways letting the public know how many accidents have been in the area. The government wont do this because it costs money, so wipe out the moose population, its the cheaper way to go. The rest is up to the drivers out there to adjust their speeds when entering these areas. Thats my take on it anyway.

The government should remove the moose pool system they created and give moose hunters the opportunity to purchase a license every year.  Having to wait once every 5 years to get a moose license is ridiculous.  There is approximately forty thousand moose hunters.  Wildlife estimates 120 thousand moose, chances are their guess is incorrect and the moose population is much higher.   Every year as moose cows drop their calves there are more & more yearling moose running around the city.  

Cahty ya gotta keep in mine that 12000 moose was killed the previous fall before the calves were born to.

  I kinda argee with your remarks on allowing hunters the opportunity to purchase a license every year,If it was tryed for a few years and if it wiped out to many moose, than return back to the old system.The only reason I'm agreeing with this is I trophy hunts, and when I hear about years ago , in the mid 80's guys telling me and showing me pictures of moose with well over 50 inchs and points well above 20 points,I've often wondered was this because of little hunting pressure, or was it the fact that there was way less moose and the food that helps produce those big anlters, was more to go around but now with all the moose theres not enough food to keep up with the demand,I know anlters and the style is in the genes,but still they still need the right nutrients to make these anlters  get big  to. So with less moose around the remaining ones should have a better diet, it hurts me to see more moose killed but I'm just saying we cant have both of it.I hope I'm wrong,

If the goverment was doing there job, it would not have gone as far as this. Killing 4000 moose are they nuts. Why can't they drug the moose and put them in places where the pop is low or none at all. Jamie is right 4000 hunter's in the park is nut's.You woun't have to worry about people getting killed by moose but people getting killed by people. Moose don't just stay in one place for the rest of it life, Come on people someone needs to kick the goverment in the behind. For all of those who want the moose of the roads, what is going to be next the bear (smarten up).

I also have to question the wisdom of this. To suddenly create a vacuum that large in the local biome will almost certainly have lasting negative effects. As Jamie stated, reducing the population by a more conservative number over a longer period of time would serve to both reduce the shock to the local environment and get them the drop in numbers they say they need.

Have they done the research on this? Have they gotten a second opinion? The proposed change seems a bit drastic and abrupt, and I'm wondering how much thought they've really put into the after-effects. After all, a biome isn't as resilient as most people think. It's more like a stack of Jenga blocks, and the government seems to be yanking one out at the bottom here.

Seriousely guys,


what can we do to put a stop to this?  As an organized group, there must be something we can do.  Does anyone have contacts that they could turn to?  I dont want to see this happen!

I feel that my intelligence is being insulted here. What's more important to the economy, moose or the trees that they eat .Since the trees and all other forms of vegetation which they eat  were given to them by GOD , who provides food for all He's creatures , including us. So are they going to kill the animals to save the trees.WHAT'S THE REAL REASON.
My brother and i were talking about this topic and he asked me what would i rather have, my son or a moose. Well the answer was quite clear, my son. I am sure that something can be done. Although the park is a very large park i just hope the government can do something soon before the moose hit the roads and put my family and your's in harms way.

For the argument of destroying the biome, moose are not even a natural species to Newfoundand yet they thrived.There is no way of knowing if 4000 moose killed well destroy there population. However, the balsim fir is a natural species, depleting this resource well not only hurt the moose, but all the other animals that have relationship with it. I think its a great idea to increase intrest in the sport, and put some more meat in the freezer. Also, Im sure if they allow 4000 more licenses then there well surly be more patroling by wildlife officials.


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