While Gathering members for the Newfoundland Federation Of Hunters & Anglers [ NFHA]  I came across a number of complaints concerning the one month closure of trouting season from mid April to mid May , and if anything could be done about it, and so I started digging . I spoke to a few people at DFO. one of whom was Mr. Bob Lambert, who referred me to Mr. Jason Simms . Mr. Simms was supposed to gather the information that I requested and forwarded it to me. After  nearly eight months and several phone calls I am still waiting for that information. Today Jan. 15/ 2014 I called The boss Mr. Tony Blanchard and discussed it with him. My research has discovered that there isn't anyone at DFO .who can answer my question as to  "why or when " this regulation was brought into effect.According to Mr.Blanchard ,during his discussions with  scientists , is that it was an environmental issue and that other sources say it was for safety reasons. I , on the other hand was around when this regulation was brought into effect and if I remember correctly it was out of safety  concerns. The scientific reasons for it have many flaws and in addition the safety factor is an insult , and as such there are many who would like to see the boots put to it . It is for this reason that I am working on doing just that.

   I am wondering if there is anyone on site who can remember anything about when or why this regulation came about and more importantly if you have any written information on it. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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Sure would be great to see that rule gone, seems like we have a lot of rules in NL that wildlife officials cant explain to you.

 I agree with you David . Permits to transport Non- Restricted Firearms is another one of them . No one at Department of Environment and Conservation knows when this regulation was brought into effect. Some with the Department think it predates Confederation .  I brought this matter to the attention of Minister Shea at a meeting with her in Nov. and I think that changes will be coming in the not too distant future. One thing that has been changed in this respect is that by contacting Mr Barry White Superintendent  of Fishery and Wildlife Enforcement Division at Pippy Place he will send you a permit to transport NRF or ammunition  during closed seasons through Email.The number to call is  709-729-2192 . This regulation exists only in Insular Newfoundland as Fishery and Wildlife Enforcement  are not quite sure of the regulations in Labrador since Aboriginal Rights and other circumstances may make a difference there . Changes however, to these and other outdated regulations ,  are possible when you get the message to the right people and the NFHA is doing just that on these and a number of other matters that are of concern , or should be , to all of us .


That permit to transport is a crock, had issues with it this year a couple times, mostly no one able to answer a question. First time i went to get one for skeet shooting in july, was told its only a permit to transport, not to shoot, so i asked if we could shoot with another permit, answer was no, so i asked what i needed to go skeet shooting and they couldnt answer me. Second time I wanted to sight in my rifle, had a license for southern shore and wanted to do the sighting in the goulds, they said i could get the permit to transport but yet again couldnt tell me if i could legally shoot the gun in the area. Explaoined  everything to them the area, why i wanted to, and still they couldnt tell me. So I asked if i went ahead and done it would i be charged if caught and they still drew a blank, and these are the people who are laying the charges, and cant even explain the rules to you ! had to spend a hour or so playing phone tag to finally get a legit answer, and with the permit you can shoot within 1 mile of a highway.

 The regulations concerning transporting non-restricted firearms and ammunition are listed in the 2013/14 hunting&Trapping Guide.under the heading "Firearms and ammunition",  at the bottom of page 6 .You do not need a permit to discharge a  non-restricted firearm but you must have a permit to transport during closed season  , or if you don't  have a valid licence , for the  firearm you are using during open season , to prove that you brought it there legally. Please note that "ALL SAFETY REGULATIONS FOR DISCHARGING FIREARMS STILL APPLY ". If you have a problem in the future call Fisheries and Wildlife Enforcement at Pippy Place . the number there is 709-729-2192 and they should be able to help you out.


  This letter was sent to Mr. Jason Simms and Mr. Bob Lambert at DFO.

Hi Jason , and Bob,
  I have been doing research on the voracious appetite of brook/mud trout as  one of two reasons given to me  for the one month closure of trouting season from  mid April to mid May in insular Newfoundland & Labrador  and I thought this information might be of some help in making a decision on the one month closure issue.

           By GLEN C LEACH
          Chief, Division of Fish Culture

 The Brook Trout has a voracious appetite and takes advantage of every opportunity to satisfy it. Some observers believe that brook trout do not feed during the spawning season. This may be true , in a measure of wild fish , but fish that are kept under domestication and regularly cared for continue to feed throughout this period.
 In the wild state the species is no doubt largely  carnivorous , it's food consisting chiefly of Crustacea, Mollusca,and various forms of insects and worms. When pressed by hunger , it does not hesitate to devour it's own kind. Under domestication , however , it can readily be induced to eat mush made of various cereals . Kendall ( loc.cit ) has the following to say regarding the feeding habits of the brook trout:
 The trout seems to avail itself of whatever animal life is available ,and vegetable food is not always eschewed [ ignored ]. A detailed list of what trout have been known to eat would be more astonishing than valuable . However, the general and principal food supply upon which  the adult fish depends may be divided into two classes- fishes and insects.
 The trout of brooks subsist largely upon insects, and particularly the aquatic larvae of numerous species such as caddis flies,Mayflies (chronomus)and dragon flies,and also upon insects that fall upon the water or hover the water while depositing their eggs. The food of trout of larger streams,ponds and lakes , of course, consists of the particular kinds that the waters afford, and these often differ materially from each other and seasonably in the same waters . In all waters there is a seasonal supply of insects that varies with the season and locality ; but where food in the form of fishes Is available the insect food appears to be more or less neglected, particularly by the larger fish.
 The diet of the trout , however, varies not only with the season but with the age of the fish . The seasonal variation, however, may not be one of convenience , but that of different stages of growth is influenced by suitability. The first food of trout  fry consists largely of minute crustaceans and small insect larvae, such as Chironomus, black fly,etc., and the fingerlings of larger insect larvae, worms, and small insects, which diet, however , is not exclusive and is controlled more or less by habitat and environment.

 This and many other reports that I have read are a clear indication that the one month closure could not have been " scientifically based " and therefore leaves only one other . " The safety issue".


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