So who here on this site thinks that we should be able to carry a restricted firearm no bigger that a 22 lr on our side while off fishing in the summer time??????????? Just to protect yourself just in case you did come across an amanila with pups,cubs or what ever??

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I have said this to myself and freinds many times, think it be a great idea. It be nice to have protection for myself but i also worry about my dog while fishing in the summer, there is absolutly no aggresive side to her if we did have a run in with a coyote i think she would just want to play with it LOL. 


The good ole USA ( Beaver Island, Michigan)

Nothing like taking a Ruger 44 mag on a rabbit hunt. Didnt get either one but had a lot of fun missing.

Was smaller and had hair then circa 1992

we hunted beagles there for a week, loads of coyotes. No incidents.

That is a big gun.LOL

I agree, it would be ageat idea, piece of mind if anything, I have heard stories of people being chased or being approached very closely by coyotes. I remember in 1989 on the avalon my friends were in duck hunting and a coyote , they thought it was a wolf at the time was snarling and growing at them in the woods 10 feet away, they shot it and reported to wildlife, wildlife never followed up at the time.. Coyotes in NL were still a myth at the time. (What if they never had a gun). I just would like to be able to carry one when in trouting.

I hate to be looking over my shoulder when out fishing in the summer time. The summer time is when there are the most people in the woods.

David ,you may get a surprize in your dog, if it was backed into a corner and had to defend itself and you,i dont mean take on a pack of yotes by itself, but a one on one life or death sort of a thing.

I thought it to, but I have seen my buddies dog draw blood out of her and she dont bite back, and the other dog want playing. Only way to know for sure is if it ever happens, but i hope it dont. I had her on back of my bike last month moose hunting when one wonderd on the path in front of me, she just started wagging her tail and tried to jump of to play. 

Personally I don't see how arming the very scared and paranoid is going to make fishing safer. Maybe a PFD or psycho analysis would be a better option.

hahah salmon fishing, now thats where you need armed fishermen. Youve been in that pool long enough.Punk!!

There"d be bodies in the river.

lolllllllll fred that"s a big gun for a small man. ,,, you can do that again if you  want,,,,you just need to get some hair extentions  lol..  neat pic.

lol, for extensions Id need something to attach to. ? Maybe I could find a way to screw them in 

It was a huge gun but a real hoot to hunt with. LOL I missed everything, from squirrels to rabbits.

I have to say its a lot of fun hunting in the states. Even out west in Sask you can use your big game rifle for coyotes. Lots of guns use their 300 win mags for reaching down across those big fields.

Here seems like everything has a reason "why not"

Here we are on a site talking about taking a hand gun or small arm for protection ,(pie in the sky in Canada, people in Canada have been charged for using firearms to defend thier families and homes from violent offenders)

On a side note has anyone been following Newfoundland MP Jack Harris( Justice Critic) recent comments in Parliament on guns ?

we we cant even use a 243 for a coyote in season.

We have no one to blame except ourselves, we have projected poor images of ourselves as hunters. And for the most part its been hunters who have blocked most of this stuff. 


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