So who here on this site thinks that we should be able to carry a restricted firearm no bigger that a 22 lr on our side while off fishing in the summer time??????????? Just to protect yourself just in case you did come across an amanila with pups,cubs or what ever??

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We all take for granite these rights we have enjoyed. We should be talking to people about what we do.Share your game with other who dont hunt.Drop a rabbit off to a senior citizen, for sure they grew up eating them. And every time to see a politician.

And we need to be supporting groups that will make our views known it Ottawa.Make no mistake those who oppose what we do has a group in Ottawa who are talking to the politicians. Those of us who have our Possession and acquisition license arent criminals, we had our backgrounds checked,why punish us.?

How many of us are members of the NFA ? The NFAs job is to make sure that our word is being heard.

One thing is for sure, we may be enjoying the rights we have, but they arent what they were before C-68. 

And for those who are coming behind us, what do we leave them?

The reason why i said a 22 lr hand gun is because alot of people have the mind to say if you have anything bigger you will be temped pouch. Like a 30-06, first think that someone said it is to big in the woods and you might shoot a moose. Put enough rounds in a moose with anything and you will drop it.

Hi Kenneth, I totally agree & i've been telling everyone the same thing.

 My wife does a lot of cross country skiing by herself. I would feel much better if she had one to carry, just for her safety.

 Hope something does come from this so we or anyone can carry a small caliber handgun for personel protection.

Thanks Pierce. Taking a hike in the of hunting season and getting lost or badly hurt by your self is not a nice feelng. So getting hurt is one thing but bleeding is another. Any animal would smell you for miles and you have no protection.

what is wrong with the firearm u got.why carry a handgun??. nl is so full of dangrous animals, lol.dumb idea

Its more for the off season when you cant carry a gun Johnnie, June, July and August.

Here's one option that you can carry with you during the months you can,t carry a gun. This is the bear banger that I carry in the woods and when fired is louder than a 12 gauge, works quite well, just rember to fire behind you as to not drive the animal toward you. Small enough that you can carry in your pocked, but don,t load you may accidently pull the pen while taking it out of your pocket. Got these at national Shoe and safety in Corner Brook.

I like it. How much did it run you?? Looks like a good tool to have in the woods and in your bag.

You fire it away from you, and behind or over your head. It goes about 20-30 meters out and then sets of a big bang. It costs about $15 for the pen and $25 for the catridges, pack of 6. I've carried 2 all summer and at times they have gotten really wet, tried one of them this fall still worked fine. Small easy to carry and easy to use.


Sounds good, i will be getting this for my bag. Thanks Shane.

Where has this fear of coyotes come from? Has there been a rash of coyote related deaths recently? I understand that on very rare occasions coyotes have been known to attack humans but you put yourself in a much riskier situation anytime you drive, ski, or walk down the street in a city. I have had close encounters with black bears, grizzlies, coyotes and I'm still alive. Don't get me wrong the grizzly scared me(and I had no bear spray) but in black bear and coyote country even bear spray is unnecessary in my opinion. People do the Alaskan Mountain Wilderness Classic every year and some do it without bear spray and they live. Andrew Skurka walked 4700 miles over 7 months through the Yukon and Alaska alone. He carried bear spray but luckily never had to use it. He came away unscathed. We are the most successful, dominant, cunning predator to ever grace the earth but if i was to believe half the stuff I read the coyote is apparently a threat to our very existence. I guess they will be coming for us after they finish off all the small game. Do you where a life vest when you cross a river or a parachute every time you fly?

Cant speak for all but i know personally I have no fear of coyotes or anything else in the woods, my fear of coyotes is for my dog when I have her in the woods for a walk or trouting, I think it be great to have something to shoot a coyote with if there ever was a encounter. I dont worry about her with moose because she will not bother them, she is use to horses and cows and dont chase or bother them, but I would rather not find out with a coyote.I think of my dog as a family member, i dont have kids I have a dog, and like to take it were ever I go, but I hate to always have to worry about briging her in the woods while hunting seasons closed because I feel she would be pretty vulnerable to coyotes. I dont want a hand gun to go in the woods to shoot everything that moves, stupid idea or not i would like to carry one just for peace of mind with my dog. I know all you people with kids wouldn't want your kid to fight with a coyote, nor would I want my dog to.  


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