i noticed their seems to be alot of trappers here on this site and i wanted to get a feel of what could be done about finding out where each trapper had their gear set  . i have been hunting now for over 30 years and it seems that in past two years that there is more people back into trapping  and on the avalon its getting harder to find a place that doesn t have snares set  espically if their is a bike path or road . when you leave the road with a three of 4 beagles and you find some snares its not that simple to break the dogs down and get out of their i wish it was posted down by the road or somewhere on a website so i wouldn t hunt their i not interested in losing a dog to a snare thats happened to me  in the past  and i had one caught this year and only for the garmin collar she would be dead. i had a note from a trapper on my truck this year saying that he valued my dogs and i should respect his trap gear he had a sign posted but it was up the path not by the road so took so sometime to get out of their once we noticed the sign .  i think the government should come out with some system where trappers could n t  trap in a certain area  in a given year  and  guys running  hounds could  run hounds in thatarea in that  year and they the following year it would be the opposite  . one place i have been hunting for 30 years someone has a trapper line now and i cannot hunt their anymore . we all have the right to hunt and trap where we want it would be nice if we could come up with a system so everybody could enjoy a day in the woods without losing a dog or a trapper getting his gear torn up . regards craig

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thanks trevor yes please bring back to the trappers and report back what they have to say about it. dividing areas would certainly work seems it getting harder to find somewhere to hunt on  the avalon with peace of mind i have no interest in going in on a trappers line and or stealing their gear .  my female which  got caught yesterday had two collars on her one with a bell and my name tag the other was my  gps tracking collar i carry  a pair of pliers because of the collars the snare didnt  go tigh on her neck  all i had to do it hall the clip back with  pliers but anyone running hounds i suggest they run with the biggest collar they can find craig

Dear Craig, I understand exactly where you are coming from both perspectives.  I am a trappper, and I also hunt with hounds. Unfortunately, something like that would never work due to one factor, people stealing/damage your gear.  There is no law stating that you have to mark your gear, and many trappers don't because you always will get some individual who will steal your gear or your furs.  Just like when your running your dog in the beginning of the season, there is always someone driving along the paths looking to steal a dog.  As hunters and trappers we have to try to deal with this as best we can.  What I do, at the beginning of my trapline, I put a hold snare (not kill) out in the middle of the path so that hunters can have a chance to move to another spot.  I've tried the signs, but they disappear pretty quickly, whether from people pulling them down or the weather.  I know its hard picking up your dogs and moving to another spot to hunt, and I've done it many times myself.  But it is still better that losing your dog.  I totally agree that a system would be great for all people to enjoy.



I havent trapped for years but I am pretty sure that if everywhere there were traps or snares was marked there would be very little space left certainly along any accessible trail path or road.

I also hunted beagles for a lot of years and your best bet as a beagler is to teach your dogs to bark when they get in a snare. As pups its easily taught. Most dogs that are kennel raised will scream hell when the get in a snare.Lots of fellows still tie up a beagle in the woods to get him howling to tow in the other dogs.As a puppy tie him up and walk away, the first sound he makes run back and release him, do this and gradually make him scream more and more to get released.

The problem with Regulations ( and Newfoundlanders love then more than most) is that they wont be enforced or trappers and hunters will never agree on who gets to hunt or trap where.The fox , lynx and coyotes are where the rabbits are and thats where beaglers want to go., and  Is it for all species or some? Why not weasel traps.Is it just snares or do we close it to beaver and mink ! Is it just trapping or will it be rabbit snares as well.and on and on and on.

My advice, teach the dog to wail, talk to a few trappers and get a basic understanding of where to look for snares, then go and shoot your rabbits. For the few times your dog is going to get in a snare you'll find him and let him out.

I agree with you, I hunt with beagles and I trap. I always posted signs this year in my general area for all beaglers to see. But then some idiot started taking down my signs. I dont see what the point was, but at least I was trying to warn the public. Any beagler in my area knows where my gear is cause I have no issue with telling them. The guys go in and strike up my slips and fix them before they leave. Too bad everyone couldnt find a happy meduim.

When I lived in Labrador this was never an issue because of the immense amount of land available. Not many people used beagles and no one in my town had a bird dog other than a retriever.

Here on the Avalon it's a completely different story. Hunters with dogs outnumber trappers by a large margin and there are many people and very little land.

Hunting with dogs does not negatively affect anyone else's out of doors experience, I cannot say the same for trapping.

In Michigan they have rules such that conibear traps can only be set up 4 feet off the ground or underwater, this prevents dogs from getting caught. There are other things like this that should be done to prevent dogs from getting caught.

Hunting with dogs does not negatively affect anyone else's out of doors experience, I cannot say the same for trapping.

Not sure everyone would agree with that statement, time was when the guys with snares were baiting hooks in the woods in an attempt to dissuade beaglers, many areas today where snaring is prevalent dont welcome beaglers. many people who snare rabbits will tell you they gave it up because beagles kept knocking out the snares.But be that as it may.

A large part of the problem is that many beaglers spend very little time training there dogs good obedience. Years ago I did a lot of rabbit hunting in USA ( dogs) and often we had permission to hunt one side or the other of a fence row. It always amazed me how they could call their dogs back at ANY time. Many Nfld beaglers cant call in their dogs and have to run then down to catch them.I could never understand why people didnt take the time to train "COME"

Do get me wrong no one enjoys hunting with dogs as much as I do. But there is inherent risk to every dog we take hunting. As dog owners is our responsibility to have the dog under control at all times.In fact its the law.

Water dogs risk hyperthermia, beagles and bird dog risk being shot. In fact I would hazzard to guess that far more beagles are accidently shot than are ever lost to traps/snares.

I am not sure that conibear is the main dog/trap problem.Michigan instituted the 4 foot Reg because of of the larger conibears that were used for fisher and raccoon trappers.Who largely set traps in the trees anyways.The fox/coyote snare has always been the biggest concern. For the most part its not difficult to find a dog in a snare. 

These days there is technology to help keep track of your dog, GPS has come a long way.

Friends of mine who hunt bear , coyote and hogs with dogs all routinely track their dogs via tracking systems.

These systems may be the new reality for those who are concerned with traps and snares.

Fred, I agree that not everyone will agree with that statement. The point I was trying to make was that traps can be active 100% time during the open season. Dogs who are run for 8 hours on the weekend only make up 5% of the time, the rest of the time anyone can use the area. Traps basically make the area they are set in unusable to anyone with a dog.

The Michigan example was just to show that there are things that can be done that won't negatively affect trappers. In Labrador conibear traps are used much more often.

BTW, I don't run beagles, just a birddog, and I do have my trapper's license but I haven't actively trapped in a long time.

Same here with the Trappers License, I keep mine but havent set a trap in a long time.

I guess the main point I wanted to make is that this debate has gone on for years. personally I dont think any rules will chance much. 

Newfoundlanders are a strange lot, #1 we love regulations and #2 the minute the regulations are put in place we think of ways to beat them

I wonder how of a problem it really is versus percieved. In all the years I trapped I only ever had one dog in a snare when I checked it. A beautiful setter than didnt convince me with his barking that he didnt want out> I released him and he went on his way.! Now wild cats, that was another story.

Interesting comment about getting the government to come up with a system to regulate this.  Two things come to mind.  Maybe three.

1.  Nobody really wants more regulations.

2.  The only organization that speaks on behalf of hunters is the Newfoundland Labrador wildlife federation http://www.nlwf.ca/ and they don't much of anything except complain and probably do more harm than good. 

3.  The sad thing is people don't self regulate very well. 



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