Looking for one that isnt about the upsell, doest push BS vaccines every year, and doesnt push a early neuter or spay.....do they even exist!  Asked mine current ( seems to be a different one everytime I go to the clinic) about a Titer and she was basically " the vaccine is cheaper why would you want a titer test"

I dont mind paying for good vet care, but not lining pockets for things that are not needed.

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Ultimately its your decision whether or not you have any vaccines, treatments,tests etc. You can weigh the Pros and Cons Its the Vets job to make you aware of the options.Personally I have no problem with that.

I guess I have been lucky but I have never been pushed to do anything by any vet and Ive been to quite a few. For most part when it comes to owning a dog my vet bills probably dont make top 5 in terms of costs associated with owning one.

Too many people don't fully consider that the costs /responsibilities associated with getting a dog and can learn the hard way after the dog comes home.

Right now I take Chase to the Baccalieu Animal Hospital in Bay Roberts, I can't say anything bad about them.

good luck with that, did you read my post on vets?????

I will look for it, havnt read it yet. I dont mind spending money when it is needed, just have no time for a vet trying to sell me on things that are not in the animals best health.

Brought the new pup in and they pushed a vaccination and pup had just had a stress full cross country flight and then were pushing me to at least come back in a couple weeks for a rabies shot. Also saying the dog should be neutered in a few months if Im not breeding or showing him

My breeder doesnt even allow a neuter before a year old and encourages not until the dog has had its OFA at 2 years old.

These are all things you have to research and make your own call on. Today there is no need to make an uninformed decision, there is certainly enough info out there to aid in your decisions.And everyone is different. What my dog may need may not be the same as yours. You know your dog. You know what an where your dog is going to be doing.

Rabies shots are a good example, do a dog really need one here in Nfld probably not. But if your dog is going out of province probably yes. But i understand why a Nfld vet would recommend one.

Its a great discussion, Ken has one going about his brothers vet, who apparently didn't suggest enough medical tests, and this one, the vet is offering too many.

At end of day the owner decides, vets and breeders are only making suggestions.

Years ago my kids had an eight week old Jack Russell puppy come in from Ontario, the breeder told me the pup had all its shots. In those days I had my own shots that I gave my dogs, I told breeder I had some 5 ways and it was no problem to give the pup another shot. he told me it was a waste, I didn't and 5 weeks later the puppy died of Parvo ( after spending $1100 to try and save it). Lesson learned.....


Shots are a up in the air subject for sure these days. I think testing immunity via Titers is the way to go but vets here will never recommend them( why I dont know). Vaccinating too early is a waste if maternal antibodies are still present. However they should have their initial vaccines as pups after 8-10 weeks and again at 13-16 weeks and then test at age 1 for immunities. Lots of research suggests no rabies before 10-12 months old. I agree a rabies shot on the island may not be warranted but certainly is if dog is going off island. However now we have reports or raccoons and wolfs here we have to consider the additional risks.

Exactly and thats why everyone has to decide for themselves


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