I have a new boat, motor, Browning Maxus, and decoys and am all ready to go come open season for ducks but have no idea where to go. I live in CBS and would appreciate it if someone could give me advice on places to go hunting eiders. If I knew where to start I could scout the ground during tbe food fishery looking for some good points or shoals to set up on. I heard it was good out off Cape St. Francis so I drove out the other day....looks pretty ducky but at the same time treacherous, especially before daylight. I wouldn't mind the drive to Placentia Bay if I thought I'd get something.

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Sea duck hunting is very dangerous. We usually leave the house around 2 am. The drive with the boat in tow. Then the launch and steam to where you are hunting. Then you have to set.your decoys, set your own anchor and cover the boat. Of course the winter is always wonder and rougher water conditions.
So first you need to scout around. After you find a few decent spots, get a fish finder and learn what the depth of water is and where. Specially and shoals or rocks. After you find a few places you'd like to try and I should add it's all trial and error. Set your boat up and go to these areas in day light before the season and practice setting up your decoys. Put them out as if you were hunting and set up your boat the same. Stuff will go wrong that you wouldn't think are possible. So at least if you do some practice runs you will get some experience and you will see first hand what can happen. This will put you a lot further ahead when you got to set up for a hunt.
As to where to set up, that's where you need to do some research. Only place iv seen eider ducks around CBS was the back of bell island. St Mary's Bay has them and Placentia bay but I don't know where to find them thick.

I'll definitely have to scout around. I've brought home hundreds of eiders in my younger days but in familar waters hunting from ashore on points and shoals with the boat moored nearby. Just a matter of scouting around looking for new spots in unfamiliar waters and using unfamiliar techniques if I'll be hunting from a boat. I'll let everyone know how I make out.
We hunt from a boat and every trip is a learning experience.


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