if their is three hunters in the boat then your allowed 60 or two hunters 40 one hunter 10 but even if their is four, five or six hunters in the boat their is still only allowed 60 turrs in the boat

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I took down my reply because I dont want this to turn into a what bay are you from war. I am from Placentia Bay and I dont care if everyone in Newfoundland hunts in Placentia Bay. 

Hey Dwayne, I agree this was a stupid, not helpful war, that serves no purpose then to try an skirt the real debate! My apologies to you and everyone from Placentia for this!

I always thought it was a maximum of 60 birds but a friend checked and was told that 4 guys could kill 80.As long as they have licenses. 

When it comes to birds I have seen years when birds were more and I have seen years when they were less. For me the numbers were pretty good this year.

As for the 10 bird limit I guess it can be argued either way.Personally I have no problem with the 10 or 20 bird limit.Theres a lot less turres being taken now then ever before. And as long as you can go everyday if its 10 or 20 dont matter a whole lot.It will just take twice as many days to clean them up.Realistically if 20 birds a day is going to wipe them out, then cutting to 10 is a waste. Maybe it should be 2, 3 or 5.?

But I am not sure that bag limits will protect them, I have no problem hunting ducks for 6 a day, nor will I have a problem hunting turres for 6 a day. For my part three things will stop me. No birds,closed season and i have enough.

When you look at other species like moose for example. Limiting numbers only increased pressure. Before the draw a lot fewer people were applying. Once the draw came, applicants came out of the wood work. Will cutting limit to 10 or 5 or 3 only increase the number of bodies in the boat.?I think IF we think the turres are in danger than the only way to protect them is thru shorter seasons. I only say this to further the conversation.As I am not convinced turr numbers are in trouble.

But this is a great discussion and it needs to be had. Whats everyones opinion on this.?

But no doubt there are more boats hunting them than ever.

I have to agree Fred, well to a certain extent. I believe the old adage of limit your catch and not catch your limit (borrowed from fishing) should be what we strive for. I have seen many people waste large amounts of game due to freezer burn, then they have eaten. Maybe, what we should do is not make government act as our limit body, but do it by ourselves. That is, the regulations state that we can have 20 turrs/day. In my case that is more then I could hope to eat. Thus, I wouldn't harvest that many, I will only harvest what my family will eat. That I believe should be the ethic we all use, and for the most part I believe it is. My point is to encourage all people to think like this. Then, we can regulate ourselves! Just my opinion, what is yours??

your 100 % right Ed but the problem is that you cannot regulate that. There are people who will kill two ducks a year and toss them in the fridge and they would stay there forever.

People always ask me what I do with my birds, " surely you dont eat them all?" I dont , but I do share them with family and friends. Myself I will go thru about 20 turres here in the house/cabin. I have made 5 trips this year when I went out Saturday morning, I had two left in fridge.My family, my in laws,friends, s senior citizens,even sick people love a meal of turres on a craving and poof they are gone. But they are eaten. Amazing how many people love game but dont have access. Ironically as I type this the paper boy is here wondering if he can have a duck for his father. !!

My poor grandmother would say "What little I have I gladly share and pray, tomorrow will give me more to give away"

I had called the # on the tag and they sent me a list of where the turr was taged and how old it was. They had told me on the phone that there were a Million birds taged all together. There reason why there were so many birds on sat was the winds were to hight for any to shoot any amount.

It's funny how people say that they are from placenita bay and or not say where they got there turr's because they don't want to be one of thoses people who are being blamed for all the crap that went down last year out there. I am from placentia bay as well. Can you blame them??????

Ken I agree almost totally.

As the street kids would say...".Dont blame the playz ...Blame the game.."

as long as people stay within the boundaries of the rules,is it really crap.?

Is killing a 100 turres and different than snaring 100 rabbits or shooting them.When I had beagles I often shot over a 100 a year. But I made sure everyone had a home. How many people sit on a fridge full of moose.Years ago when we would take and freeze moose for people we often had to call people to come and pick it up. Everyone likes shooting lots dont want to see it after though.

Again, a conversation that needs to be had I think..

I know many people with rabbits,moose,trout Etc. in the freezer and it doesnt get eat an will eventually get thrown out. I ve been hunting for 30 years and remember the days of turrs and trout or whatever keep everything. Personally I think more regulation is needed and bigger fines for those who dont play by the rules.

True fred. I think that this hype was blowen way out there. What went down in placentia bay last year with someone putting nails where people were launching there boats, Not to much would be said about people hunting turr's in placentia bay. Now i don't know for a fact that the nails were there just heard it on open line on the way in from home. That's what got everyone so pissed.

O it was true about all the nails i was up their that day and seen it my self we even put notes on other peoples trucks to let everyone know about the nails...The thing about it that it only takes 1 person to make it bad for everyone else.. 

That nail thing did happen. I am from Placentia and I can tell you it was only a few people who even started this B.S and the same people start crap about everything. On the other hand I only stated that maby a tighter bag limit be put in place and then we got this Placentia Bay B.S on the go again. I didnt have anything to do with the stuff that went on last winter I dont agree with the stuff that went on last winter and I think it is very unfair to pin a person because they are from Placentia Bay to be a terrorist. The guy who made the remark about me being from Placentia Bay needs to understand without good management how can anything last. You know that if a 10 turr limit per person came in that would stand for me as well, that wont bypass a person from Placentia Bay. My point of view was only, if you have 10 boats and you have 3 people/boat thats a 600 turr limit. Its just an example. Look Im like anyone else if Im allowd 20 turrs and the turrs are there Ill get the 20 but if I was only allowd 10 then I would only get 10. And that has nothing to do with being from Placentia! This is not something thats happening it just an opinion. I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and people shouldnt label other people because their opinion is different than anyone elses.


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