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Comment by Deon Dicks on February 1, 2012 at 9:20pm

Thats so funny, never heard one before day light before.By the sounds of it you need a gunner LOL

Comment by mac on February 1, 2012 at 8:25pm


Hey Deon, Just getting back from good hunt yesterday got young female  excitement was so intense never got a vid other than first part when she came out of the woods, cam fell down and then quiet and then the shot . I fired my rifle after and looks like I need to site er in shes off to the left just a bit. Fell down little whi ago and struck it.

In morning had shot at her mate, got vid where he was sitting when I fired the shot and where the bullet hit couple inches off! Hes another breeder.

When I use it  I start the locator bark before I go to the site lots of times (from the truck bed or take the car) where I usually sit I have several fairly I think  good spots. Usually they will answer before daylight 1 or 2 barks then I go to my secret high spot where all the soft boughs are with a tree for backing, nice open in front and wind quartering sort of on my face and let er rip cry cry cry. little break little break etc couple mins apart. 52 mins yesterday just about froze when there she was on spot. We had minus 19 here yesterday I must be nuts!

PS I have an old toyota cd radio player with a plug for lighter socket in a box with a speaker and some good calls sequence from varmint al page that I downloaded few years ago and burned them off on cd and take that wherever I go just lay it on roof and let it playPerfect in Argo or plane in a cove. Its a radio too eh. Works really well.  Im always coyote hunting OR SO THE WIFE SAYS She thinks I have the bug or something! Whats up with that I wonder eheheh?

Comment by Deon Dicks on January 29, 2012 at 3:37pm

Hi Mac thanks for that info, you mentioned they have a very distinguished danger bark, I'm thinking they have done that to me already,I was telling my buddy the very same thing,one of the coyotes that are in this video have made these 4 of 5 barks before they start howeling,sounds like of anger.Very deep and ruff, almost the same as a big house dog.

  Anyway I can't help but try again tommorrow morning if the wind is right,the plan is go in now that we got soft snow, they shouldn't hear me comming, stop about 400 yards away from where they have been the last week.Wait till daylight, than walk up within 100 - 150 yards of the tree line,setup my Turbo dogg. Turn my volume very low at first,try the locator call that have worked so good for me, if I get a responds,this is what I need to know, wait how long after before I try the rabbit distress???  Thanks

Comment by mac on January 29, 2012 at 11:30am

Hey Deon, love your Yukon vids.

No I didn't say don't try a coyote call; Its like moose; a bellow will call them in form distance and then you know which grunt will keep them around.  I personally have had best success using a rabbit in distress call and sometimes in conjunction with a crow gathering call that is natural. I use the "locator" call once or twice after I see fresh tracks. This time of year they usually travel in pairs (mr and mrs) and they always keep in contact. If you spend much time in a spot (around an hour to hour and half) you should hear one if good area  and I find in people populated areas you won't even hear them much after the sun comes up something like the moose. I say after 10 am here in central go on home. However in quiet places like Seal Bay Bog and other remote ares they are a bit more brazen and one could come out no matter what. I have been listening to coyotes for past few years here on my patio and I think its a very nice sound. Always during the night though. There is a few access roads that run close to my house and I am in the middle. I saw one big male come right to the house and touch nose with my Lab. My wife and I watched them under the street light while we were having our morning coffee. 

Once you get used to the yote different sounds for different reasons then use them. They also have a very distinguished danger bark to which they will never come!

Good luck with it! Im going up for couple days now, with this snow should be good and they shoudn't be too far from their fresh tracks.

 Fresh rabbit for dinner.

Comment by Deon Dicks on January 28, 2012 at 7:12pm

So Mac your saying if I go in tommorrow morning don't even try a coyote call? Simply use rabbit distress?

Comment by mac on January 28, 2012 at 4:54pm

guys, shot a few coyotes last couple years, 2 double kills and few singles, and have yet to get one in range using any yote howl alone although I vided one sitting and howling at me  up at my cabin out of rifle range for me  . I have had them answer lots of times like this you wold think the woods were full of them; what I find is the good ol rabbit in distress call or crow gathering after you locate a coyote (short coyote locator yelp) give it couple blows low at first and stay very still .I use a good backing (small clump of trees on a hump so I can see around somewhat downwind of yote Most time they come in very fast and furious then you need to get their attention to get them to stop usually a bark is what I do. They don't hang around very long if it aint in the norm to them. Ive been hunting and trapping for last 40 years and this is one animal that deserves all the respect you can muster. They will never make the same mistake twice!     Had nice few missis because the adrinlin kicks in and I get the shakes hard to control that. 

Comment by kenneth Griffiths on January 28, 2012 at 1:34pm

That is wild. Hope you get one

Comment by Deon Dicks on January 28, 2012 at 11:41am

Baie Verte  Penn


Comment by Deon Dicks on January 28, 2012 at 11:38am

Ok thats good to know, not sure how many Challenge calls I makes  but i just thought they would come to meet me so to speak.I'll keep that in mind.

Comment by Deon Dicks on January 28, 2012 at 11:15am

Trevor  you should hear .....what i'm thinking is the male when he first starts the call, he sounds just like a dog, he makes those 4 or 5 barks!!!!! Sounds mad, I've tryed the challenge bark and howl.

  But is it normal for them to stay in one place alllll the time? nearly a week now, and they are there in the same place every morning, after this snow fall I'll be able to get closer,theres a great spot there right by the tree line but its soooooo noisy walking the last week,I would never be able to get to it without them hearing me.

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