Letter to the minister concerning Moose

Please feel free to copy, paste and email, mail, phone or message the minister through Facebook. Let him know how you feel. Feel free to add to it or create your own message. Please be respectful in your message. Please message the minister, the more messages the better and stronger the voice. Our hunting heritage is in all of our hands.

Hon. Gerry Byrne
Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources
Minister's Office
Tel: (709) 729-3705
Fax: (709) 729-0360
Email: flrminister@gov.nl.ca

Dear Minister,

I am writing this message because I am concerned for our Fish and Wildlife.

My concerns are the Health and Population of "OUR" Moose Herd.

At one time in our provinces history we had one of the finest Wildlife Divisions in North America. The scientific knowlege that our biologists and wildlife techs had learned, was sought after the world over. Our wildlife division was respected everywhere wildlife was managed for a sustainable future.

Sadly those days are gone. The Newfoundland Wildlife Division that had commanded respect from all over the world was dismantled and done away with. Our Fish and Wildlife management pushed to the backburner and all but forgotten. This has happened while hunters and outdoors people trusted our provincial government to do the right thing and protect "OUR" Fish and Wildlife for the present and the future. Hunters and outdoors people are expressing great concern for "OUR" moose herd.

I have spoken with many hunters and like minded outdoors people, across the province and listened to their concerns about out moose population. The concensus is that our moose population is in decline. To be blunt and honest, we are tired of the way our greatest natural resource has been treated by this government. We can not stand by and watch our hunting hertiage be destroyed any longer. We have a lifetime of hunting heritage behind us and we want a lifetime of hunting for our children. not to mention the thousands of people that flock to our province for hunting opportunites and to expierence the natural beauty of our province.

Moose hunting generates tens of millions of dollars in our economy, at a time that our economy is failing and businesses are closing, OUR PROVINCE NEEDS THIS MONEY. People lives and livelyhood are intertwined with the health of the species. To ensure a sustainable hunt for the future, we need the science back in the management of our moose herd. We need to know the health, the population and affects of predation on "OUR" moose herd. All these factors are important for a sustainable future. There seems to be money for other areas,(for example aquaculture). There needs to be a dedicated fund, where our licening money goes, specifically for wildlife management. Let me assure you, the 100,000 or so hunters feel that hunting is well worth protecting.

We all want safe roads, a protected environment and we also want a government that will not only commit but follow through to providing scientific studies and protection for our fish and wildlife.

I am encouraging all fellow hunters and outdoors people to contact the minister's office and let you know how we, the voting, tax paying and hunting public feel.

I am also encouraging the 100 thousand plus hunters and outdoors people to vote for a party that will encourage scientific study thats promotes a healthy and sustainable hunt for the future.

Peter Emberley

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